Friday - Gravity Falls Appreciation Post!

Friday morning started with a tragedy. After being, unjustly, I think, and woefully devoid of a blue suit, I was forced to make a blue suit the night before, so neither Saturday or I had gotten any sleep the night before convention (rookie mistake!). Then, just as we were walking out the door, Saturday’s custom blinking-star-light sweater stopped blinking! Heavens! Saturday, clearly distraught, and I spent an hour deconstructing the battery box to find the loose wire, and cement it into place with a metric butt-ton of hot glue. This was tricky, since it required holding the bare wire to the connect point, and waiting, very patiently for the glue to form a solid block around the entire shebang. I had to remelt the glue several times before it finally dried right. Yikes! But, glue right it did, and Saturday, as Mabel, spent the day happily blinking.

There were a bunch of really FANTASTIC Gravity Falls cosplayers! There were some really sweet Dippers and Mabels (of many sweater persuasions). There were Mabels who excitedly showed off their grappling hooks, Dipper’s who eagerly showed off (unwisely, I thought, given my outfit) their home-made mystery journals, and even one awesome Gruncle Stan (not pictured) who allowed me to loudly rebuke him in the hallway, before showing off his neato eight-ball cane. And moreover, they were all so gosh darn wonderful!

Green!Mabel by the Glorious Kiaxet

These cosplays are still being sourced! If you know any of the cosplayers, drop me a line so I can credit them!

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